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Hello, I’m Charlene…

I’m a Trauma informed Naturotherapist that specializes in Naturopathic Consultation. I have been in the helping field for over 20 years. I began my career as a social worker because my true passion in helping individuals and families have more peace within themselves. I am also a mother of two boys and a former foster mother to high risk teens – so I completely understand that sometimes, parenting can be less then peaceful!

After graduating from university I still wanted to learn more and have more tools and techniques to help people find their peace. So I went on to gain various additional trainings, certifications, and accreditations including Trauma Stress Studies, Realty Therapy & Choice Theory, Time Line Therapy®, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in Hypnotherapy, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (E.F.T.).

Today my practice is multi-dimensional and very diverse as I make myself available to support clients around the world. If you or your family are struggling to find or maintain your peace, I can help.

Pathways to Peace

For Individuals

Life can be stressfull and overwhelming. Let Charlene help you find peace within.

For Families

Happy families are no coincidence. Are you ready to create yours?

Seminars & Tools

Shop online seminars and digital tools Charlene created for use in your own home.

“I found tapping with Charlene was so much more powerful and useful. Her counseling experience along with EFT, and her natural intuition, led to helping me break through a lot of things that have been holding me back.”Phillis, Mother
“I recently had the pleasure to attend Charlene’s Positive Parenting Class. She is an extraordinary Facilitator & Parenting Coach. I learned so many simple, practical tools that were easy to implement in our life.
She’s an expert, who won’t tell you what you should do, instead give you the tools you need to handle those challenging situations when they arrive.”Natalie, Mother of two

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***NOTE*** Private consultations are COVERED by most private health insurance plans.


Charlene is an accredited, certified, EFT practitioner.