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Peaceful Families Consulting firmly believes that family interactions can be less stressful and more enjoyable with effective tools/training. When the quality of life increases at home, parents and children/teenagers are happier and more productive at work and school. It’s a win-win situation for all involved. Also, when the school environment is more pleasant for children/teenagers they are less likely to act out and more likely to learn and cooperator. Naturotherapist & trauma informed family coach, Charlene Savoie, has over 23 years experience in assisting parents to advocate for their children/teenagers in the school setting and train staff to work with their students in an effective manner.

Charlene assists families in the following ways:

• Presenting parenting seminars such as “Positive Peaceful Parenting for 2-12 year olds” and “How to raise teenagers without raising your blood pressure”.

• Couple coaching to build stronger relationships.

• Private in home consultations with the parents and/or families.

• Private Zoom consultations with parents.

• Educate parents on the importance of family meetings, how to hold a family meeting and assist in running the first one.

• Assist children/teenagers to learn how to get into the learning state & how to re-call information for exam taking.

• Assist children/teenagers in managing their anger and other life skills.

Charlene is an accredited, certified trauma informed Naturotherapist, EFT & Neurofeedback practitioner. Peaceful Families Consulting also offers training to professionals working with families and/or children.

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“I learned so much! The content about bedtime routine, discipline, charting, earning system are all things that I will be using with my child!”’



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